Friday, August 30, 2013

What we learned this Summer

Am I the only one who hasn't thought the summer was awesome or wonderful or easy?  Am I the only one who can't believe Labor Day is already here because we've been having so much fun?  These are the people I keep running into.  I'm hoping you guys tell me I'm not alone.

We didn't put bathing suits on once this summer.  We never went to the pool or the beach or the spray park.  We spent the summer in therapy and driving 45 minutes each way to it.  Every day. You know what my kids learned this summer?  How to sit in the waiting room while their siblings are in therapy or in doctor appointments, with the help of snacks and iPads of course.  The time there is still challenging but it has become something we just do.

To me, for our lifestyle, this is a huge accomplishment.  Since my 4 kiddos are ages 6,5,4 and 3, it has been a nightmare for me to take them alone.  I am able to make a therapy schedule for the fall just counting on myself which is a huge relief.  The place we go to for therapy, now knowing and treating all four of my kiddos, and seeing us every day has been amazing about helping me double up on appointments.  Having back to back Speech, PT or OT or having multiple kids have appointments at the same time.  My 3 younger kids all have OT at the same time, they each work with their own therapist for about 40 minutes and then do something all together to help them learn to play together since they have no idea how to do that. The hope is that if they learn to play together, it will minimize the constant chaos at home.

Maybe next summer we won't spend every day in therapy or at the doctors.  Maybe all this hard work will have paid off and they will want to be wet, they will want to walk on sand and they will play together.  That's why we spend all the time in the waiting room...for the success that eventually comes.  We will keep on keepin on.

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